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vCAC Disabling Hot add CPU and Memory |

vCAC CPU Memory Hot Add Disable

Today while working with a client we encountered an issue where CPU and Memory Hot Add were causing failures when a VM was edited.  vCAC showed the VM stuck in the mode On (Reconfigure.WaitingforRetry)-

Here is what it looks like in vCAC 6.1: (click for zoom)



In vCenter, the task to reconfigure CPU and memory fails, with the failure looking like this:

vCenter hotadd fail

vCenter hotadd fail

To fix this, there are 2 options:

  1. Configure vCenter templates to Support Hot Add (if the OS supports it.
  2. Disable CPU/Memory Hot add by adding a custom property to the blueprint, or a build profile.

Lets look at option 1 first.  Edit the VM in vCenter- (if it is a template, convert to VM first then edit):

Navigate to the Options tab and choose Memory/CPU Hotplug

vCenter Enable Hotadd

vCenter Enable Hotadd

For the second solution (Disabling CPU Hotadd), you can add the following custom properties:

  • VirtualMachine.Reconfigure.DisableHotCpu = true
  • VirtualMachine.Reconfigure.DisableHotMemory = true

Lastly, you for VMs stuck in the Reconfigure.WaitingforRetry state, make sure you have entitlements for Execute Reconfigure and Cancel Reconfigure, which should allow you to shut down the VM and then execute the reconfig, or cancel it.

Note: The custom properties added for disabling hot add will only apply to NEW VMs deployed, existing VMs will have to have the custom properties added manually.